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Fotini & James: A Greek Love Story

Jul 25, 2019

“We talked for a long time about the trip we wanted to do in Greece to meet my family. Most of my relatives stay in Greece … We decided in 2014 to make a family trip to Greece for a cousin’s marriage and James would come with us! James had been planning me for a long time on the marriage proposal on our trip to Greece. He had not told anyone what he was planning and keeping the ring in his suitcase. Arriving in Greece we also planned a trip with my sister and her husband on Santorini.

(Later James told me that although he had many good moments to make the proposal … he was waiting for Santorini. In a restaurant overlooking my caldera he made the marriage proposal … We decided to make our marriage two years later … the same day the wedding proposal … ” How romantic is this wedding proposal!

“We wanted our wedding style to be beach / rustic with traditional Greek elements. Many elements from wedding decoration have taken from our home to create a unique experience for the guests but also to give a personal touch. I loved the decoration of the entrance of the church with the olive branches … “

“My parents are from Lamia and we wanted the wedding to have a traditional wedding style in a picturesque Greek village. It was also a destination near the sea. Me and James are pretty traditional characters. My sisters did Greek weddings in Toronto, Canada but I and James wanted something different: a marriage destination outside. When we announced it to my dad, he shined his face with joy. We wanted our marriage to be somewhere that has emotional value for us but it is a great experience for our guests. Kammena Vourla is an ideal location as it is a seaside destination and close to Athens. “

“I was looking for something breezy and light for my wedding dress because the wedding would be in the heart of the summer. The wedding would have Greek elements and was a destination, so I like a bridal with an ancient Greek style but it is easy to transfer it to the plane … “

“The most beautiful time of the wedding was the first look … the first time we saw each other on our wedding day. It was the beginning of our wedding day, where all the plans began to unfold before us and the only time we were alone. Our photographer Sotiris Tsakanikas was really amazing and immortalized every moment I was walking towards James. This wonderful moment that only me and James have lived and I can remember that we felt when we first looked at your wedding day.

The photographer made us feel comfortable. It was the most beautiful feeling in the world but at the same time I was very keen to walk towards him and James had his back turned. When he turned and looked at me all the anxiety he left and the most magical moment was when I saw the expressions of his face … how he looked at me for the first time. Moments full of love and joy … we both were so smiling! These are our most beloved photos from our wedding day and the beautiful memories. ”

“The bridal bouquet had white peonies and olive leaves, the bouquets of flowers held by the bridesmaids had wild white roses and olive branches from the olive groves of the bride.”

“Our marriage took place in Agios Panteleimonas in Kammena Vourla and our wedding style was traditional with Greek elements and rustic touches. The colors we chose were pale pink and all combined with olive leaves … ”

The advice of the bride: “Thank the bride every moment because the wedding day is passing very quickly! I was lucky because I had heard this advice from my own people before my wedding. They told me to enjoy every moment, the environment, the guests … it only happens once and that moment passes very quickly! Also invest in an amazing photographer as these will be the photos we will love for a lifetime. We are very pleased with our wedding photos and we will not change them! “

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