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Planning a Destination Wedding… Junnie & Zach

Jun 23, 2019

I recently had the privilege of working with Junnie & Zach for their gorgeous wedding this last Spring. They were married at the beautiful  Isle of Skye, Scotland in the Eilean Donan Castle in a fairytale wedding. 

How can you be prepared for the biggest day of your life so far? 

Here, Junnie and Zach share:

The best advice for a bride?

“Don’t let anyone persuade you to change your vision. This is your day and you’ll want to look back on your wedding knowing you did everything that you wanted to make the day special.”

Which one moment will last forever? 

“I remember reaching the top steps of the castle and I was about to enter the room for the ceremony. At that moment, I look around me, took several deep breaths and tried to remember every emotion and detail.”

What they loved most about working with Jenn and Seahorse Bend Press?

“Jenn was so much fun to work with, Her personallity and talent make her the best stationer. I’m so glad I chose her because the creative process was easy and she was very supportive, She is truly invested in making your invitations perfect. Her compassion for your special day is what sets her apart from others .”

Tell us about celtic hand fasting?

“My husband and I wanted our wedding to be about us (of course), but we also wanted the ceremony to reflect Scotland itself. Scotland is such a unique destination for Americans. The country is rich with history and myth so much so that I couldn’t resist incorporating the ancient ritual into our ceremony. I wasn’t sure how the idea of a handfasting would be received by my husband and our families. Fortunately, they all loved the idea and I was thrilled to include the ritual into our ceremony. Handfasting can be dated back to 7000 B.C. and the term “tying the knot” is based on the ceremony,” 

How did you pick scotland for your destination?

The idea to get married in Scotland was a very impulsive decision. We live in Chicago and always dreamed of a city wedding but the year we got in engaged was also the year we were planning to take a trip to Scotland. Our budgets wouldn’t allow for a Chicago wedding and a trip to Scotland. One evening after crunching some numbers and discussing our options, I got deflated. I said to my husband, “Let’s just get married in Scotland so we can do both at the same time.” At the time we shrugged the comment off, but the following morning my husband said, “I want to do it. Let’s get married in Scotland.” I was taken aback, but open to the idea since I had always wanted to visit the country. After doing some research on the cost of weddings in Scotland and how beautiful the land is, we were sold on the idea.

 On hiring a wedding planner…

My husband and I hired a wedding planner since we had never been to Scotland and weren’t really familiar with the area. In retrospect, I would have done all of the planning myself. Though my wedding planner was wonderful, I got the vibe that these small and rural businesses really enjoy working directly with the bride rather than a planner. The businesses are so invested in what they do. If you are getting married in a large city, then I would recommend hiring a planner, but if you’re getting married in a remote area like the Isle of Skye, then try to go at it on your own and maybe hire someone to handle the “day of” duties.

Get your marriage license and visa in advance …

When we arrived in Heathrow to transfer our flight to Edinburgh, we ran into an immigration snafoo. Unfortunately, my fiancé and I were unaware that we needed a marriage visa to enter the UK. My husband and I were held in an immigration holding room at Heathrow for almost 12 hours and were almost sent back to the US that day. We were interviewed by immigration officers, our fingerprints were taken and our passports were confiscated. We could have missed our own wedding because we didn’t have the proper paperwork. Fortunately, the decision maker that day allowed us to enter the country and get married. I cannot tell you how many times I cried, shook with fear and broke down while we waited for the verdict. Outsiders might think we were negligent, but we hired a Scottish wedding planner, sent over our original birth certificates to the local registrar, and provided all the documentation we needed to get married in Scotland prior to leaving the US. We thought we had every detail covered, but the marriage visa detail was overlooked by everyone.


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